Storage Capacity Of Free Terabox Account

Terabox claims that they provides 1Tb free cloud storage. But wait! is their claim of providing the free 1Tb storage is correct or not. When we login to the account and on the dashboard screen they display only 1024GB storage. On the other hand, you are allowed only to upload 20 files of size 4GB. Which indicate that the storage capacity of free terabox account is only 80GB. Officially terabox not mention these limitations on their pricing page, but users can easily seen while login into the dashboard. Moreover, in the premium version there is no ads display to users.

What is the File limitations in Terabox Free Account?

The free terabox account allow users to upload up to 20 files of size having 4GB. But when you try to upload more than 20 files the popup shown which indicate that you can’t upload more files. In order to upload more files you have to upgrade the plan that allows you to upload 50,000 files.

Premium Account File Limitations In Terabox

The premium account allows users to upload 50,000 files at a time. Well, we decided to test the file limitations of terabox premium. We uploaded a folder of that contain more than 50,000 files and again an error popup displayed on the screen that “the files are more then the limitations”.

terabox free account limit


We come up on a solution that, the free 1Tb storage offer of terabox have significant limitations. With the free version you can only upload 20 files of size 4GB each. On advertisement they offer 1Tb storage which is far less than advertised. By upgrading to their premium $3.49/month plan allows you to upload up to 50,000 files (20GB). Apart from that, if you want to use the premium feature without buying their premium package then download terabox mod apk and enjoy the premium features for free.

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