3 Possible Ways To Remove Ads From Terabox Without Upgrading

Terabox offers 1TB free cloud storage for free. The avail this you don’t need to pay a single penny, but in the free version you have to experience frequently advertisement within the app.

Frequently displaying ads can be annoying for you, often interrupting you with full screen video ads for at least 30 seconds without being able to skip.

As we all know, terabox relies on advertisement and subscriptions. But the major portion of this app comes from the advertisement. In the free version they offers 1 TB free cloud storage and the ethical way to remove ads from Terabox is to buy their subscriptions which starts from 3.49$/month. For details subscription plans you can check terabox pricing plans here.

How to remove ads from terabox ?

There are 3 possible way to get rid of ads in this app. We discuss each one separately. It’s upon you to choose the way according to your need.

  • Install Mod Apk: Terabox Mod can help you to remove ads completely from the app but it has risk to data loss or account ban situation.
  • Use Private DNS: The reliable ad-blocking DNS provider can significantly reduce or eliminate ads in certain apps. But still not 100% ads will removed.
  • Ad-blocking Browser: Ad-blocking browser is the best and reliable option to use terabox without ads.

Remove Ads By Installing Modified Version

Modified version is the free way to use this app without ads. Basically the third party developers develop clone of this app with all the premium features for free. However, using mod version can significantly create security risks, if downloaded it from the unreliable source. Additionally account ban or data loss issue may also be faced.

If you understand the risks of using the mod version but still want to use then find it here the terabox mod apk download latest version and enjoy. Keep in mind that we can’t guarantee of any modified version. Use it on your own risk.

Block or Remove Ads By Using Private DNS

The second and less effective method to remove ads from the terabox is by using the private DNS. This feature available on android 9 and above, that enables you to use specific DNS provider instead of relying on your default ISP’s server.

block ads from terabox app
how to block ads from terabox app

When you use private DNS servers to block ads, their servers recognize domains associated with advertisement and prevent them to show ads. keep in mind that this method didn’t remove ads 100%.

How to Setup Private DNS in Android?

  • Open mobile settings and search ‘Private DNS’.
  • Select the ‘Private DNS provider hostname’.
  • After selecting the option paste this address “dns.adguard.com” and save settings.

After setting up Adguard DNS you can now enjoy ads free experience in terabox or any other app.

Visit Terabox In Ad-Blocking Browser.

The last and most effective method to use terabox app without ads is to use an ad-blocking browser in your android phone. This is the alternative or we can say the best method if you don’t want to use the first 2 methods.

This method also works in IOS devices as well. However, keep in mind that this method will blocks ads within the specific browser you are using. On the other hand terabox app will still display ads.


The best way to remove ads from this app is to buy their subscriptions but on the other hand if you are not willing to pay a single penny the alternative ways shared above. Either to use modified app, private DNS or ad-blocking browsers.

Depend on your choice which method will be suitable for you. Keep sharing this method with in your friends circle. Apart from that, if you face any issue feel free to comment below or email us. We will be contact you soon.

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